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Three Killer Digital Photography Tips

When taking photography, it can be hard to capture that perfect shot. Experts will tell you to practice, practice and practice some more. But what they really should do is give some solid advice as to what you should be practicing. This article will give you three digital photography tips that you can practice and start seeing results fast.

Tip Number One:

The first tip is pretty easy. Keep it simple. That’s all.

What I mean by this is that you should try to keep your photo as simple as you can. Now, when you master simplicity then you can make more complex shots, however, try to keep it simple right now. To keep it simple here are some guidelines

-Get closer to the subject you’re photographing. This will make the subject more pronounced and stand out more. It will also make for less clutter as the subject will take up more of the frame

-Get Down Low and Shoot up. This will make the shot simpler since you won’t have all that clutter behind the subject and only the sky.

-Get Higher and shoot down. This will make it so the background is the ground and not the cluttered background that would usually be there

-Use a shallow depth of field.

Tip Number Two:

The second tip is a little more detailed. Basically, keep everything that isn’t of importance and minimize or remove it. For example, if you photograph a subject that is green and there are bright red objects of unimportance around this subject. Those red objects are of no importance and are distracting the viewer from the true subject. Get rid of those red objects, unsaturated them in an editing program, do something so that the picture isn’t so complex and confusing.

Tip Number Three:

Have a solid concept you want and stick with it throughout. Have you ever written a paper and been criticized that it goes everywhere? The same can happen when taking pictures. You want your picture to be focused on primarily one theme. For example, the theme could be peace. You could have a picture of a couple at a beach enjoying a drink. Now, if there’s a homeless man in the background that’s going to be distracting from the main theme of peace.

3 Fashion Photography Tips For Outstanding Fashion Photos

Fashion Photography Tips #1 – Supervise Your Model’s Hair and Makeup

Make sure to always be there to watch when your model’s hair and makeup are being done by hair stylists and makeup artists. Just by being there to watch, you will recognize the color pallets used on your models which will later help you think up the suitable set up for your fashion photo shoot.

Another thing you ought to do is to avoid getting in the way of the hair stylist and make up team’s way. You may interrupt politely or make suggestions only when you realize that the beauty team is going way off your expectations and directions of the theme of your fashion photography attempts.

It is a norm that after a few photography sessions, you will learn and know what best compliments your photo shoot. Working in a team and taking the role as the director or leader of the group guarantees new experiences and newly gained knowledge. It is of great importance that you work with a good and reliable team so that you’ll be better able to build credibility.

Fashion Photography Tips #2 – Create an Impact with The Clothing and Accessories

What is fashion photography all about? Fashion photography is all about the artistic beauty and taste, as well as trends. Fashion plays the role of selling the latest season’s clothes and accessories to people. The prime reason of fashion is to make others want whatever the model is wearing, be it clothing or accessories.

Another important fact to note is that how you style the clothes will make an impact towards the viewers, whether the clothing is meant for men or women. Have you managed to take fashion photography shots it in such a way where you will want the clothes on the model for yourself?

Now, the rule of thumb in fashion photography is that you as the photographer must always make use of lighting to emphasize the beauty and texture of the material – the lustre of the silk, sheerness of the chiffon, and the sparkles in the jewels. All these minor details should never be taken granted for because they tend to boost the quality of the photographs.

Fashion Photography Tips #3 – Be Confident Yet Humble

It is great to receive advice and suggestions from others. Therefore, be open to it. Nonetheless, you must remember to maintain your vision so as to not stray off and not achieve it. Your team members will be looking up to you with high expectations of the result of the fashion photo shoot.

Turning to others such as your client, a talented art director or even an editor to ask for opinions and suggestions helps you with your fashion photography attempts. Despite everything, you must know deep down that you are the one who creates the final product – the fashion photographs.

10 More Fantastic Photography Tips

The first ten fantastic photography tips were so sought after, I have put together ten more. The next set of tips will help you take even better photos whether they are humble holiday snaps or your first attempts at art photography.

1. Celebrity stance

A trick favoured by celebrities is angling one shoulder slightly towards the camera, this gives an instantly more elegant and slender look.

2. Light

When photographing in low light, if you don’t want to use flash, try bumping up your ISO setting to 800 or 1600. Back lighting is a great way to emphasis strong shapes and gives a really artistic feel to a photo. A reflector, or even a piece of white card, is an easy way to vary the amount of light falling onto your subject. This is particularly useful for portraits and still life shots.

3. Group shots

For large group shots its worth getting sizeable photo enlargements printed up so you can be sure of seeing everyone clearly.

4. Learn from the pros

Become a regular at photography exhibitions, seeing others’ work will help give you your own ideas for themes and projects to try.

5. Correct the crop

Re-cropping an image before ordering photo prints can make all the difference between a simple snapshot and a professional looking print.

6. Always carry a camera

The first rule of photography is to always carry your camera. If you haven’t got it with you, you won’t be able to take that award-winning shot! Just one of the many reasons camera phones are so popular.

7. On an angle

Try tilting your camera at a strong angle to get a much more interesting perspective. It will give your photos a whole new look.

8. Mirror image

Seeking symmetry in your photos can be very exciting. Look for interesting examples such as reflections in lakes or puddles, or many modern buildings have reflective surfaces which are fun to play around with.

9. Perfect timing

Think before you click! By waiting just a few seconds for people to either walk into or out of your shot, depending on the look you’re after, can make all the difference.

10. Picture the gift

Give your photos as a great personalised gift whether it is a giant poster, printed t-shirt or framed for your friends. Use Photobox for the great gift of giving.

How to Take the Best Model Photos Photography Tips and Tricks

Be punctual and prepared

It’s important that you’re well prepared for the photo shoot. This means being on time and making sure that you have all of your equipment with you and that it’s set up and ready to go. It’s a good idea to speak with the model s few days prior to the shoot to let them know the type of shots you’re looking for. This will enable them to also come prepared by practicing certain poses and expressions.

Speaking to the model ahead of time will also help he or she to be aware of the type of clothing to wear and if any types of accessories or jewelry are needed. In addition, they will be able to adjust their makeup and hair to fit in with the theme of the shoot. If you meet with the model before the job the odds are that you’ll both be more relaxed when working together.

Setting the scene

It’s always a good idea to find out what type of environment or setting the model prefers to work in. You can ask what type of lighting and music they’re comfortable with and make sure they are allowed their privacy. Little things such as the temperature of the studio can also be discussed since you want the model to feel as comfortable as possible. Of course, on some occasions the theme of the photo shoot will dictate these things, but by asking, the model will realize that you’re trying to make them feel at ease.

Communication is key

Most models appreciate it if you’re specific in your instructions. If you’re vague they may not know what it is you’re looking for. One of the best ways to let the model know what you’re trying to capture on camera is to actually show them examples from various websites or magazines. This way they can visually see what it is you’re trying to achieve. Asking a model’s opinion at the photo shoot is also beneficial since they may have some helpful tips or experience to share.

Explore different angles

if you just stand still while taking your shots, you’re basically going to see that all of the images will be taken from the same angle and height. You should get a little creative and try out various height levels and angles by moving around. Try as many different angles as you like, including from below and above and don’t be afraid to try something unconventional.

Believe in yourself

When holding a photo shoot with a model you need to be confident in your abilities. Always be professional and know what it is you’re trying to achieve. If you’re not confident in yourself then there’s a good chance your model won’t be confident in you either. Stay calm and take your time.